Top Questions When Hiring a Sales Manager


When hiring a Sales Manager, you want the best of the best. You aren’t looking for someone that will be gone within a year. You aren’t looking for someone that will constrain the sales team. You certainly don’t want someone that has the wrong personality. You need to fill your sales managerial position with a valuable asset that works hard, has an impressive track record, is a team member, motivates AND has the ability to accomplish the sales goals.  


When going through the hiring process, the following interview questions will really assist dig into the expertise, knowledge and personalities of your potential mangers. Here are a few questions that MyB2BCoach recommends asking: 


  1. What do you think motivates the reps the most?  (Get specifics beyond money)  
  2. Describe a successful coaching approach. 
  3. What training method is most effective for new reps?   Have you created your own on boarding program?   


With these questions, the goal is to determine if the sales manager understands coaching, onboarding AND motivation. Hiring a Sales Manager is not just about the sales. According to a recent article in Forbes, the best sales reps certainly are not the best managers - they have that so called “little something extra”. A proper Sales Manager will truly be able to put together a sales force that will deliver. They will hire a support staff to keep the team on track and prosperous. They will be able to train, motivate, incentivize, and surpass goals. They will create a team, a force, and a family. 


Let us know your top questions when interviewing a Sales Manager. What do you ask? What do you look for? What has and hasn’t worked in your hiring process? 


MyB2BCoach has a list of Top 10 questions to ask when hiring a Sales Manager. Contact Us today to learn more about these or how we can help you in many other ways! 

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