Conventional training is very much based on the transfer of knowledge. A golf coach relays his knowledge on grip, swing, pace, technique, and consistency to all his players. A medical professor shares her knowledge with students during lectures and labs. The same goes for sales coaching. It is important to do appropriate information download to educate, inform and train. 

The key, however, is not just transferring the knowledge. The key is being able to transmit knowledge into skill. Information and facts are pertinent in many facets of life, but what do you do with that information? This is where the MyB2BCoach Accelerated Sales Action Plan comes into play. 

In our ASAP program, we make sure that we transfer knowledge from weekly coaching sessions into skills. And... Skills don’t just happen. Skills are perfected with deliberate and purposeful practice. Let’s take a golfer as an example. An average golfer plays a couple rounds of golf here and there. To no surprise, this golfer has a 15 handicap. An exceptional golfer studies, goes to the driving range, and truly practices with purpose and deliberation. This golfer has a one handicap. Which type of golfer do you want to be? This may be a trick question because you may not even like golf. However, if you are in sales and your salary and commission are riding on the line instead of your handicap, what type of salesperson do you want to be? Do you want to be average or extraordinary?  

This is where the MyB2BCoach Accelerated Sales Action Plan comes into play. In a 12-week time period, this plan is created to help you practice purposefully and dramatically enhance your skills. This plan will take you from a 15 handicap to a scratch golfer.  


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