Speaking with clarity and at the correct pace has never been more important.

More than a decade ago, voicemails were simply that – a verbal message you record so the recipient can listen to them later. Today, people are using Text-mail on smartphones to read their voicemails. The complication with Text-mail is that it constantly leaves out part of your message, so the person who received it sees a big blank space in between words. Text-mail often gets it wrong. We had a client whose voicemail replaced the word “Black” to “White” because Text-mail misinterpreted the context when our client was speaking too rapid. Would you like to try it out? Look at some of your saved Text-mails and see how often you got a big pointless blank.

We recommend our clients develop and practice 6 Voicemails (two for each MVP).  Ideal Pace is 110 to 150 Words per minute both for your client to listen and for the transcription software to be accurate.  You can practice you Microsoft Transcription in OneNote or Otter.ai.   


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