This week’s blog showcases our first Client Success Story!

MYB2BCOACH combines coaching and practice with our A.I. sales coaching software. Recently, a client recorded one of their live calls with a prospect. Our client did a very good job. They listened to their prospect, spoke at the right pace, and asked the opportune questions. Our sales coach listened to the recording and encourage the client to go back and listen to their call. After listening to their recorded call and with the help of the A.I. software, our client concluded they missed some major opportunities and buying signals. They decided to call back their prospect and have another conversation with them. This time, the phone call landed them an additional six figure sale!


Do you want to take a glimpse into the A. I. sales coaching software? Below is a screenshot of an example phone call that was recorded through the software. This example shows insight on a salesperson’s conversation including keywords, percent of speaking vs. listening, number of switches, and words per minute. Additionally, a salesperson can listen to their recorded call and read any feedback left by their sales coach.

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